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  1. The normal thing in a human is to chose what to do or not. He is not animal. He is just trying to justify himself because he doesnt want to stop doing it. This is the same kind of guy that justifys cheating because men do this kind of things… bullshit.

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  3. This is just a symptom of an underlying deeper problem.

    He's perfectly willing to put in effort until it stops being fun and rewarding for him. “Good job, fiance! Keep it up Fiance!” Is rewarding, fun, good for his ego. Then as soon as the novelty wears off, it's not fun and rewarding for him anymore and you stop praising him as much and all of a sudden it's just easier to not do it anymore.

    This isn't going to remain confined to these two chores for long. Eventually he's going to get sick of something else and let that slide and you'll have to pick up the slack… cue avalanche of things you'll end up doing as he feels like not being an adult anymore.

    He has zero concern for your feelings. He can see you getting frustrated and exhausted of this and doesn't care enough to do anything about it long enough to make it a habit. All that matters is that he's not inconvenienced.

    You need to call him out on THIS – that he doesn't respect your feelings and needs and cares only for his convenience – not the specific chores.

    Give him an ultimatum and stick to it. Next time he doesn't take out the trash you move out for a week to stay with a friend – after that you move out until he can prove he can keep the whole place clean on his own for two months without you reminding him, and you can visit anytime to check. On strike three, you're gone.

  4. I am going to come at it from a different angle.

    You mom is obviously worried about money and making ends meet. She knows you are dependent on your dad for paying all your bills.

    She wants you to learn from her mistakes? she wants you to be fully independent and successful on your own without relying on someone else?

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  6. Without trust, there is no relationship. If you can trust him I think the least you can do is start thinking about the very real possibility that this is the beginning of the end and move on – you don't need that level of disrespect.

  7. If it seems like too much effort to give you a compliment, then it’s not obvious. That’s really just a bs excuse for no reason. Why should it be so hot to say something nice to you? I won’t really comment on my opinion of the age gap itself, but the age gap isn’t helping here considering he is being insensitive to a 20 year old that he thought would probably just easily accept his bs answer.

  8. Yup, I though that too. And if he’s kissing wives of cousins when gf and husband are around. This guy is a douche and doing lots more than happy ending massages.

  9. Thank you. Your perspective is especially important due to the relevance in ages. My father retired at 65 and got sick around 68 or so. He was and still is angry and bitter. He wanted to travel, but mom was still working, so he toiled around at home. He wants to go camping and travel still, but he's not well enough and may not be again. I feel horrible.

  10. Why is your mom facilitating this? She needs to be a guardian of your marriage not throwing some younger woman at your husband. Your husband needs to stop lying by omission. And Julia needs to get back into her own house and back off.

  11. The first step is calming down and the second is confronting her. If you truly want to make this relationship work please know it take a LOT of open communication and work from both people. She'll have to put up with you regaining your trust with her and you'll eventually need to trust her again to make this relationship happy and healthy again in the future but the in between is gonna be brutal. And therapy. It's going to take a lot of individual and couple therapy. If she's not winning to give her all to work on it or it's too much for you to forgive then you need to end the relationship.

    Forgiveness is easy. Forgiveness while trying to repair the foundation of your relationship isn't.

  12. I'm sorry if that was being lil blunt and silly.

    But you talk so sweetly about him. And I gotta be honest. Myself and a lot of the guys I know are dense and have difficulty reading people.

    It's natural to want to be treated like that. Little reminders that you are loved. Especially when we do go through bouts of insecurity. And as much as those little surprises from others help, and sometimes an unexpected kind word from someone is almost enough to make me want to cry, they aren't the answer to the insecurity.

    Trying to find what you can do to make yourself feel fulfilled is a lot harder but a lot more reliable in the long run. I was in a bad bout recently. Locked myself up for a couple weeks. And I started doodling. And I'm shite but i looked at one of my doodle doods and was like “bruh you're pretty cool” and got like a truckload of dopamine. That's dumb and probably doesn't help but idk.

  13. Kind of crazy though. In California, you're allowed to use any and all reasonable force necessary to effect a citizen's arrest, and if necessary, to defend yourself from attack while making a citizen's arrest, including using lethal force.

    I generally wouldn't advise pursuing someone who broke into your house, but it's perfectly legal if you have probable cause of a felony or a misdemeanor occurs in your presence. In Texas, if someone steals your belongings after dark, you can shoot them in the back if necessary to prevent them from running away. In California, you cannot use lethal force to defend property, so if the robbery is no longer actively occurring (they're running away), you cannot shoot them to prevent them from absconding with your belongings.

  14. I think you missed the part where she didn't quit that first job OP mentioned. She was fired. She was abusing sick leave. It seems to me that she wants easy jobs to coast through with as little work as possible, then call in sick on days she doesn't want to work. I get being stressed with school. I was like that too. Most people get stressed out, and most people have jobs they don't like at some point in their life. However, most people don't get themselves fired from that job.

  15. Maybe if it’s “Xanax”

    Football xanax from my understanding is just a slang term for the way street xanax appears, not the way it affects you, or dosage. But if you don’t know the dosage, that’s what makes it more dangerous and probably why your bf passed out.

    But of course, if he gave her a lot that is one thing.

  16. She doesn’t need a boyfriend, she needs therapy. You cannot allow yourself to be treated like crap on account of someone’s mental health. She needs help that is beyond you.

  17. Soooo this guy has a 3 year old son, who he didn't bother to see for TWO YEARS, and you decided to have a baby with him anyway?

    You can't just go no contact with someone you have a fucking kid with. If he wanted to see his kid, he had a right to. He should've got a lawyer and fought for custody. But what, he didn't bother?

    You're having a baby with a guy who cared so little for his own CHILD that he missed 2/3 of his life. I don't know why on earth you expected he would care more for you, or why you would bring another child into this when he's already showed you what a shitty father and person he is.

  18. Of all toxic relationships are always toxic. There's usually highs and lows. My last relationship wasn't the healthiest. But we did love each other and the Essex was the best ever and I've been with a lot of women.

  19. I agree with this. I shouldn’t have said what I did.

    as someone with anxiety, having others completely cut off communication in an argument is literally detrimental to my emotional needs. one way I could have felt supported is if he said “I know you feel alone and scared, I know you want to talk more about this, but I am going to bed. I am not mad at you or ignoring you”.

    I really just needed that. and I think I was trying to find a way to get it

  20. “He says we're in our 20s and that we shouldn't settle, that we should online a little now that we BOTH can.“

    Yikes; seems like he assumes the relationship’s open now that you both got dances.

    If you want to work it out, establish how you don’t want him going to the club, it was a one time thing, and reiterate your relationship’s boundaries. Have him agree to them.

    If he goes to the club anyway, or doubles down on wanting sex with other women, you’ve gotta let him go.

    My two cents: taking him there doesn’t mean you’re at fault here. He’s choosing to react this way.

    Btw I’ve been to a strip club once and got a lap dance; one of my cringiest experiences tbh. Throwing away a perfectly good relationship because a stripper rubbed her boobs on my face? Couldn’t be me.

  21. Why are you doing girlfriend stuff for a mere FWB? Dude is a total asshole that is taking advantage of you and can’t even treat you nicely. Depending on whose house that is, either kick him out or leave, then never speak to the douche again.

  22. Leave now while you can. It’s never going to get better and he will chip away at you until there’s nothing left.

  23. Leave now while you can. It’s never going to get better and he will chip away at you until there’s nothing left.

  24. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Dump his ass and leave him in the dust. You deserve a partner that is faithful and honest!

  25. It sounds like women in their 30s, out of school and with a job, are somehow inferior to a 20-something student. Please. He is not dating these women not because he does not want them, and a 23 yo is an upgrade, but because grown independent women do not want any of his nonsense.

  26. My mum tended to hold things over my head if she helped me financially in the past, so I am reluctant to go down that direction. And yes, Australian. I think I’m going to move into my mums for a bit to give us both some space.

  27. It concerns me that you're still okay with him going. With or without you, he should not attend that wedding.

  28. Op seems to think, the fact that his wife has this mental changes something, and is finally the reason to leave her. This a fundamentally wrong approach.

    This may not be OP last romantic patner, so he needs to understand that there is no need to dug for medical data. If his partner is a terrible to him, he needs to leave them just, because of this.

  29. Didn’t even read past the fourth line and knew she was cheating. “Including when a man stayed overnight at our apartment” ? how are you this naive??


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